Good Things Utah Appearance: Thanksgiving Dinner Savings Tips

Good Things Utah Standing Behind Food 11-18-13

I had the opportunity to be on Good Things Utah today to talk about Tips to Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner. If you didn’t have a chance to see it, head over here or watch it below.

You can read all about my 6 Tips to Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner here.


Good Things Utah with hosts 11-18-13

Today, my husband wasn’t able to come with me to Good Things, which was a bummer, so I had help from the camera men to take pictures for me. They were so great about it and totally willing to do it in between segments.

And some of you may remember Reagan from Good Things Utah years ago, this week she’s back as a guest host. It was fun to see her. And as always, Gretchen, Nicea, and Troy make it enjoyable to be on Good Things Utah. They really are down to earth, and every time I see them we chat like we’ve known each other for a long time.

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Upcoming Good Things Utah TV Appearance on Nov. 18

good things utah logo

I am excited to announce that on Monday, November 18, 2013 at 9 a.m., I will again be on ABC’s Good Things Utah on channel 4! We will be discussing tips to save money on Thanksgiving dinner. And if you are wondering which grocery stores have the best deals on Thanksgiving turkeys, I have all of the information that I’ll be sharing on Monday!

If you aren’t able to watch the TV segment, don’t worry, I’ll post the link on my blog after the show.

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ABC4 TV Appearance: How to Compile a 72-Hour Kit on a Budget

abc4 72 hour kit on a budget with troy

I had the opportunity to be on ABC4 this morning! It’s been enjoyable to be behind the set and meet the hosts, anchors, and producers of ABC4 News. They are all so great to work with. Prior to my segment, How to Compile a 72-Hour Kit on a Budget, I had the opportunity to speak with Troy, a host of Good Things Utah. He was so nice to talk with, plus it’s fun to hear his Australian accent.

And I want to give a HUGE thank you to my awesome husband (also my #1 fan) who helped me carry the boxes, lay out the items, take photos, and give me a pep talk so I wasn’t as nervous.

You can see the TV segment How to Compile a 72-Hour Kit on a Budget by going to the ABC4 website or by clicking on the picture below. And for those of you who want more details, because I felt like the segment was so fast, and I didn’t have a chance to tell you everything I wanted, head over to my Building a 72-Hour Kit on a Budget post.

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Appearing on ABC Channel 4 Sept. 2 at 11 a.m.

abc4news logo

If you are home on Monday, September 2, 2013, turn your television on to ABC Channel 4 at 11 a.m. I’ll be talking with the hosts of the new mid-day show about how to compile a 72-hour kit on a budget.

If you aren’t able to watch it, no worries. I’ll post a link here on my blog after the segment so you can see it.

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend! I’ll be offline so I can spend time with my family this weekend. And I hope that you have an enjoyable weekend with your family too!

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Saving Cent by Cent’s Full-Cover Feature in Newspaper

Tooele Transcript Feature 7-18-13

I am excited to let you know that Saving Cent by Cent was featured in my local Tooele Transcript Newspaper yesterday, July 18, 2013. When I had the interview with the reporter, I was thinking that the story would be something small in one corner of a page. I was surprised when I opened the newspaper that it was a full-page spread!

Following the hour-long interview with the reporter a few weeks ago, the photo shoot was scheduled at my house. I was busy trying to make sure the house was picked up (which is a challenge with an 18-month-old) and that I and the girls were ready when the photographer showed up. You can see in the newspaper that they took a cute photo of my girls placing coupons in my small coupon pouch (I don’t spend hours clipping coupons, but I do some couponing. You can read more about that here.)

Here’s the opener of the newspaper article:

“Like most bloggers, Stansbury Park resident Lisa Park never really planned on becoming a blogger. The blog just came together one piece at a time. These days, it attracts about 10,000 page views per month. Park launched her blog, Saving Cent by Cent, in March of 2010, but she can trace its genesis to an earlier date in 2008, to the birth of her first child, Tabitha. Park had always planned to stay home with her children, but when she and her husband reviewed their financial situation, they realized it would be difficult, if not impossible, to live on her husband’s income alone. But Park, who escaped college with a single student loan she paid down within months of graduating, is accustomed to accomplishing impossible tasks.”

Unfortunately, in order to read the rest of the article you have to get online and pay. There is an option to sign up for a “free 24-hour trial,” but it isn’t working correctly at the moment. Hopefully next week they’ll have it fixed, and for those of you interested in reading the entire article, you can get online to do that.

I’m a little sad that you can’t get online for free right now because I wanted all of you to be able to read the article! I think that the reporter did a great job doing the write up, and the photographer was great to work with and made me feel at ease.

I feel privileged that the Tooele Transcript wanted to do a story about how I began Saving Cent by Cent. I want to thank my husband who supports me and smiles with me when I am giddy about something like this. And a BIG thank you to all of you who make Saving Cent by Cent what it is today and for allowing me share my exciting moments with you!

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Good Things Utah TV Show (Feb. 18)

If you missed today’s Good Things Utah segment, here’s the clip of inexpensive and fun activities for kids. It was a lot of fun to be on the show. If you want more detailed instructions about the activities I showed, head over here. And a big THANK YOU to my husband for the late nights and hours of time he spent to help me prepare for the segment!

And make sure to check out these other frugal and fun activities for children that I’ve posted on my blog.

Nicea, me, and Gretchen after the segment finished. Nicea took home a
balloon yo-yo for her children to play with.
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Watch ABC’s Good Things Utah This Morning

I will be on ABC’s Good Things Utah this morning, February 18, at 9 a.m. on channel 4. So if you are near a television, tune in and watch! I’ll be showing more fun activities for children that can be done inside since it’s still cold to be out too long. 
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