2-Ingredient Homemade Shower Cleaner


Spring cleaning is now starting to happen at our house, and this homemade shower cleaner will help you get your tub and showers clean and shiny.

It also helps to get rid of a lot of the hard-water spots that form on the tub and shower surfaces. Plus, this shower cleaner is inexpensive to make and is only two ingredients.

Check out the video below to see how to make this easy shower spray cleaner. If you can’t see the video, head over to my YouTube channel here.


Here is the basic instructions of how to make this homemade shower cleaner.

What You’ll Need:


Pour the vinegar and blue Dawn dishwashing soap into the spray bottle. Shake it until the solution is mixed. Spray the tub and shower with the cleaning solution. Wait for 15 minutes, then wipe/scrub down. Rinse it off with water.

Note: Over time, the solution may become thicker. If this happens, then just add more vinegar to thin the solution so you can spray it.

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7 Tips to Keep Your House Clean

7 Tips to Keep Your CleanI really like to have a clean house, and I try to keep it clean every day. I understand the challenges of keeping a house clean, especially with children around. When my house is clean, I feel like I can function better and that I’m more productive through the day. For me it’s important to teach my kids how to clean, so I have them help me clean it on a regular basis. Here are 7 things you can do to keep your house clean every day. Watch the video below or read the post for daily habits you can do to keep your house clean and keep the clutter minimal.



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Tip #1:  Make Your Bed Daily

This sounds like a simple thing to do but when you make your bed it starts the day off right and your room looks cleaner. Also, teach your kids to make their beds daily to make their rooms look cleaner.


Tip #2:  Never Leave a Room Empty Handed

Anytime you leave a room, take something with you and put it away. Go by the one-touch rule, which is anytime you pick up an item don’t put it down somewhere else or take it with you from room to room. Pick it up once and take a few seconds and to put it away.

Any time I know I’m going to my kids room or downstairs, I’ll take something from the front room or kitchen and put it away. It takes a few extra seconds, but it helps to keep things clean. Another tip is to take a laundry basket and fill it up with the items that don’t belong in that room.  After you put the items in basket take a few minutes to go put them away where they need to go. Check out my video of How I Speed Clean the Front Room & Kitchen.

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4-Step Process How to Clean a Curling Iron

How to Clean a Curling IronI just absolutely love my Hot Tools Curling Iron! It keeps my hair curled all day. I’ve learned that if you want curls to last longer, then you should invest in a good curling iron. Good curling irons may be more expensive, but they damage your hair less, they heat up better so you apply heat for a shorter period of time, and they will last you a very long time. This Hot Tools Curling Iron works great and has been a good curling iron. Of course always remember that before you curl your hair be sure to apply heat protectant first.

Since I invested in a good curling iron, I want to keep it for a long time, and the way to make it last a long time is to clean it and take care of it. For a while now I’ve needed to clean my curling iron because it has hair product build up on it. Finally I’m now getting around to doing it. After researching how to clean a curling iron, I found an inexpensive way to clean the curling iron that is really effective. And now my curling iron looks like new again! Check out the photos below.

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How to Speed Clean the Living Room & Kitchen Video

how to speed clean the living room and kitchen

As a mom with young kids, my house goes from clean to a disaster within a short time. I don’t always have a lot of time to clean, but with the amount of time I do have, I make it count. Today I’m showing you how to speed clean the living room and kitchen. For those of you asking, I used this Swiffer Duster and this Windex Multi Surface Spray Cleaner. What tips do you have for speed cleaning the house?


If you can’t see the video, head over to my YouTube Channel to watch it.


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7 Steps to Spring Cleaning the Bathroom

Spring Cleaning Bathroom

I try to do a weekly cleaning of bathrooms, but there are some weeks that I fall behind. I’ve noticed, however, that if I regularly keep on top of wiping down or cleaning the bathrooms then spring cleaning them doesn’t take me hours. Here’s what I do when I spring clean my bathrooms. First, I take a minute to gather all of my cleaning supplies. Below is a list of my favorite supplies I carry with me in a Plastic Tote Caddy when I spring clean the bathrooms:

DIY Cleaning Products: And here is a post of cleaning products you can make yourself that include the following:

Use these 7 Steps when Spring Cleaning the Bathroom:

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7 Steps to Spring Cleaning the Bedroom

Spring Cleaning Bedroom

Since we spend so much time in the bedroom, it should be a relaxing and refreshing place to be. My husband and I do our best to keep our bedroom picked up and our bed made each day. Making our bed is the first thing we do when we get out of bed in the morning. But there are a few areas in our bedroom where things collect in a pile. So a few times a year, I go through our bedroom and organize and clean these areas. I feel like I think more clearly when the rooms in my house are clean and organized, and I feel that I accomplish more with my time. Here are 7 steps to spring cleaning the bedroom.

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9 Steps to Spring Clean the Living Room

spring cleaning the living room

I’ve been in the spring cleaning mood lately especially since I haven’t been able to really deep clean since having my baby. I do my best to clean my living room daily to keep it looking nice, but there are areas that attract dust and dirt that need a thorough cleaning every year. Here are 9 spring cleaning steps that I used to deep clean my living room.

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12 Steps to Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

Spring Cleaning Kitchen

I enjoy spring cleaning and like the outcome of a clean house. And since I wasn’t able to really clean my house this past year since having a new baby, I want to get a fresh start this spring and really deep clean the house. When my house is cluttered or dirty, I have a harder time getting things done. But when my house is clean, I think more clearly and am able to organize my time and day better.

The kitchen is probably the hardest area of the house to keep clean since it’s used so much. And with young children, I don’t have enough time where I can just clean for hours at a time. So what I did to spring clean my kitchen was to set the time for 30 minutes to one hour each day for a week and complete two of the items below. The most difficult part of spring cleaning is just getting started. Once I started cleaning, my two young daughters would come and ask what they could clean. It was enjoyable to have them work alongside me and the cleaning time went by quickly. After the week was over, I felt so good that I had accomplished the big task of deep cleaning the kitchen.

Below is a list of cleaning tips and what I did to spring clean the kitchen. You might like to start by reading this post on Spring Cleaning: Organizing and Getting Started.

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Spring Cleaning: How to Keep Your House Clean All Year Long

This is the last of the Spring Cleaning Series. If you’ve missed any of them, you can read them by starting with Spring Cleaning: Organizing and Getting Started.

The idea of spring cleaning your house every year can be overwhelming. There is so much to do, and it can take hours to do it. So this week I’d like to share ideas on how to keep your house clean all year long so that when spring comes, you will only have a few items that need a deep clean. Or better yet, you won’t have to worry about spring cleaning because you incorporated a cleaning routine through the year.

The key to a clean home is cleaning it consistently. Try to incorporate some of these tips into your daily routine to help you maintain a clean and organized home.

1. Set Realistic Goals and Create a Checklist
When trying to keep the house clean set realistic goals. With two young children, I know that I cannot clean the entire house in a single day, but I can accomplish one major task each day.

Begin by making a checklist of everything that you would normally do during your spring cleaning such as washing all the linens and drapes, wiping down baseboards, washing windows inside and out, cleaning out your pantry, washing your shower curtains, organizing your linen cabinets, wiping down walls and cleaning doorknobs and light fixtures.

Continue doing your normal daily routine, but add an extra hour each week towards accomplishing just one of these tasks on your list. Check off the item that you accomplish and press on to the next one. By devoting one hour a week towards your spring cleaning goals you will have a more manageable deep cleaning routine.

And it’s even easier if you break it down to a chore a day. Just one “10-minute cleaning frenzy” such as dusting the ceiling fans or cleaning all toilets can make a big impact in a short period of time.

Make sure to put your spring cleaning task on your calendar each week. You’ll remember to do it if it’s written on the calendar.

2. Use Baskets to Contain and Control Clutter
Clutter can make a clean house appear dirty, but by containing and controlling the clutter you keep your home looking great. Since it’s difficult to completely eliminate clutter, especially with children in the home, buy at least one nice basket for each room to use as clutter catchers. Simply toss miscellaneous items into the baskets until they can be sorted and put away. This will help you keep your house clean without cleaning all day. However, you need to make sure to sort and put away the items regularly.

One area in my home that tends to clutter easily is the kitchen counter. This is where mail, papers, notes, and projects are placed. I’ve noticed that if I sort the mail as soon as it arrives, instead of allowing it to accumulate, it helps to cut down on the clutter. I also have a basket in the kitchen that is out of sight where I can place papers and other miscellaneous items in it until I have time to sort through it.

If you spend a few minutes every day getting rid of junk and clutter, you will find that over time your house will be cleaner and it will be easier to keep it clean.

3. Don’t Put it Down. Put it Away.
Since it does take time to sort and put away the items from the basket, it will make it even easier on you if you remind yourself to put something away right then, rather than placing it down on a counter, dresser, or floor.

4. Pick Up As You Go
Make every trip through the house worth it by carrying an item from one room to the next room where it needs to go. If you are walking from the downstairs to the upstairs, take the basket of laundry that needs to go upstairs. I almost always have something in my hand when I leave a room so I can put it away in the next room.

5. Clean As Needed
If something needs to be cleaned now, then clean it. Don’t keep walking by the finger smudges on the door or food splatters on the counter. Just take a few seconds and clean it right then. By cleaning on an as-needed basis, the house will stay cleaner longer. Plus, you won’t need an all-day marathon cleaning session.

6. Fill the Dishwasher Instead of the Sink
When sinks and countertops are littered with dirty dishes, the kitchen will not look clean. Fill the dishwasher instead of the sink. It is much easier to keep the house clean when dishes and other items are dealt with right away instead of hours later when food has hardened.

If you do not have a dishwasher, wash the dishes by hand as soon as possible, and do not bother drying them. Use a drainer or a mat, and allow them to dry naturally. Put them away as soon as they are dry.

7. Designate an Entry Area
Establish a point of entry for the family where everyone leaves their shoes, books, backpacks, purses, etc. Set up this area with hooks for the items that can be hung such as keys and jackets, and create shelves for the mail and shoes. This will keep everything together in one location so it doesn’t clutter up the house, and you’ll be able to easily find your keys when it’s time to leave.

8. Get Everyone to Help
Assign duties to everyone in the house in addition to their bedrooms. Everyone lives in the house, so everyone should help out. If the children play in the living room with toys, then assign them the living room to keep clean. Many times, the household chores end up being done by one person. However, if you make cleaning everyone’s job, then the house will stay clean more easily.

My house isn’t perfect and always clean. I’ve realized that I have to be realistic about what I can accomplish each day and what I consider to be a “clean home” with two young children in it. But I’ve noticed that if I take advantage of five minutes here and ten minutes there, then I’m able to regularly keep my house clean. And when spring comes, I don’t feel like I have to spend days cleaning and organizing my house because I’ve incorporated a cleaning routine throughout the year.

If you have any ideas to share about keeping your house cleaned and organized, please feel free to share them with everyone.

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Spring Cleaning: Professional Cleaning Tips and Tricks

If you missed reading the past spring cleaning posts, make sure to read Spring Cleaning: Organizing and Getting Started, DIY Cleaning Products, and Speed-Cleaning Tips.

This week, we will highlight tips that professionals use when cleaning.

First, it’s important to have a cleaning plan. Know where you are going to start, and where you will finish. The way professionals clean is that they start at the farthest point from the front door and clean their way out of the house. Having a plan focuses your efforts and prevents you from wasting time and helps you do a better job.

Professional House Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

  • Prepare Room – Before you begin deep cleaning your kitchen, take the proper steps to prepare. Dust all the areas of the kitchen to prepare the surfaces for your work. Then fill up the sink with a cleaning solution mixture so that you can easily soak your cloth often throughout the process.
  • Clean Dry before Cleaning Wet – Collect crumbs with a dishtowel or microfiber cloth before spraying and wiping surfaces, use a dust mop or vacuum on the floor before using a disposable wet floor cloth.
  • Let Cleaning Products Clean – Spray cleaners on all surfaces, and let them go to work before you apply elbow grease. Start at the stove and move around the kitchen, spritzing appliances, countertops, and cabinets. Return to the stove and repeat the circuit, simply wiping the surfaces clean.
  • Clean Top to Bottom -Wipe the exhaust hood over the stove before cleaning the cooking surface; wipe down counters, tabletop, and chair seats before sweeping the floor.
  • Clean Clockwise – Start cleaning one side of your kitchen and move clockwise wiping every surface in small sections all away around the room.
  • Clean Microwave and Stove – Save your microwave and stove for last since they are the greasiest. One quick tip for a stubborn microwave is to place a cup of water in the machine and boil it for a few minutes. This loosens up debris and grime in the microwave for easy cleaning.
  • Clean Sink Last – After you’ve scrubbed the microwave and stove clean, drain your sink, spray in some all-purpose cleaner and use a brush to thoroughly remove any trace of your cleaning solution. Finish cleaning your kitchen by sweeping or vacuuming the floor, then mop it.

Professional House Cleaning Tips for the Living Room

  • Start by dusting your living room. Work around the room in a systematic circle and dust every surface possible. From there, you can move on to cleaning the surfaces.
  • Remember to rotate sofa cushions often to encourage even wear and increase their useful life.
  • Always save the vacuum for last. This ensures that you’ll suck up all the debris that’s been shifted onto the floor during the cleaning process. Newer vacuums should not be pushing dust back into the air, either. If yours has this problem, consider investing in a new one or changing the filters and bags.

Professional House Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom

  • Keep a small vacuum near the bathroom and give the floor and any carpets a quick once over every day.
  • Use a small squeegee after your morning shower to slow the development of water marks.
  • Use a white vinegar spray on your plastic shower curtain once a week to reduce the mold buildup.
  • Use glass cleaner on tile walls and ceramic fixtures for clean, shiny surfaces
  • Wipe mirrors and doors using first vertical, then horizontal strokes. Swirling patterns show up when the sun hits.
  • Keep some potpourri, or a fresh candle, in the bathroom for a good scent.
  • A simple nylon netting over the drain in the shower or tub can significantly reduce hair clogs.

Website resources used: eHow and Molly Maid.

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