$60 Off Promo Code for Get Away Today Disneyland Vacations

disneyland diamond celebration

This week marks Disneyland’s 60th anniversary and Disneyland has been celebrating with an amazing Diamond Celebration. To celebrate, Get Away Today is offering a $60 promo code good for Disneyland vacations. This is one of the biggest discounts Get Away Today has ever offered on top of their already discounted prices.

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Disneyland Ticket Sale: Up to $18 Off Disneyland Tickets Back Again

Disneyland $18 Ticket Special

Disneyland’s 60th anniversary begins next week. And with this excitement, Get Away Today brought back its biggest ticket sale of the year where you can save up to $18 per ticket on all Disneyland Resort tickets. This deal is only available to purchase through Sunday, May 17, 2015, but you can use the tickets any time in 2015.

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Save Up to $18 Per Ticket on Disneyland Resort Tickets

Disneyland Save $18 Ticket Special

If you haven’t heard, Disneyland’s 60th anniversary is this year. And on May 22, 2015, the incredible Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration begins, which will be a celebration unlike any other with three new spectacular nighttime shows that include never before seen fireworks shows, parades, and more surprises.

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Get Away Today: Disneyland & Disney Cruise Line Vacation Deals

Get Away Today

If you plan to take a vacation to Disneyland this year, Get Away Today has a deal through March 31st where you can receive Adults at Kids Prices on your 3-day or longer Disneyland Resort tickets. Be sure to use the promotion code SCBC. And you can reserve your vacation for only $125 down. This Adults at Kids’ Prices is valid for travel during May, September, and November 2015.

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Get Away Today Vacation Deals, Giveaways & Promo Code

Get Away Today

Get Away Today’s 25th anniversary is this year! If you are planning a vacation in 2015, you’ll want to check out Get Away Today because they are celebrating with lots of great deals and giveaways.

First, Get Away Today has a 25th Anniversary Celebration Giveaway where they are giving away 25 prizes between now and March 31, 2015. The prizes include gift certificates, hotel stays, merchandise and more. Be sure to check the giveaway page often so you can enter all of the giveaways.

Get Away Today is also currently offering an Extra Day Free Ticket to the Disneyland Resort. Now for a limited time, get a 5-Day Disneyland Resort Park Hopper Ticket for the 4-Day price! Just select the Extra Day Free ticket for travel in 2015, and your ticket will include your extra free day!

And right now, Get Away Today has a special where Adults gets Kids’ Prices. Purchase your tickets by March 31, 2015 and you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Adults at kids’ prices on 3-day, 4-day or 5-day Disneyland Resort Park Hopper Tickets – up to $16 per ticket savings.
  • One Magic Morning early entry with each 3-day or longer ticket.
  • Two ESPN Zone offers with each 3-day or longer ticket.

This Adults gets Kids’ Prices is valid for travel during February, May, September, and November 2015. Availability is limited, so you’ll want to get your tickets while supplies last.

And if you book a 2-night or longer Southern California package (hotel and 2 ticket minimum) through Get Away Today, use the promo code SCBC to get an extra $10 off!

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17 Delicious Camping Recipes

17 Delicious Camping RecipesOur family is headed out camping this month, and we are looking forward to it! I looked up new camping recipes that look really delicious. I’m definitely going to be trying many of these recipes when we go camping. And be sure to check out these 14 Camping Tips To Make Camping Easier.


camping food - three cheese potatoes

Three-Cheese Potatoes


camping breakfast burritosBreakfast Burritos



camping food - grilled pizza

Grilled Pizza


camping food - haystacks

Camping Haystacks


camping food - tacos in a bag

Tacos in a Bag



camping food - tin foil dinners

Tin Foil Dinners


camping food - whole wheat pasta in tin foil

Whole Wheat Pasta in Tin Foil


camping food - potato boat dinnerPotato Boat Dinner



camping food - macaroni and cheese

Macaroni and Cheesee


camping food - orange blueberry muffins

Orange Blueberry Muffins



camping food - hobo breadsticks

Hobo Breadsticks



camping food - monkey bread

Monkey Bread



Campfire Donuts



camping food - peach cobbler

Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler



camping food - berry camping cake

Berry Camping Cake



Banana Boats



camping food - campfire cones

Campfire Cones

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14 Camping Tips To Make Camping Easier

14 Camping Tips to Make Camping EasierOur family loves to camp! We try to get out camping as much as possible in the summer. Plus, it’s enjoyable to watch as our girls find every single thing exciting as we camp — from building dirt mounds to watching the insects. As I was looking up camping tips for our family, I thought many of you might find these tips interesting as well. Below are 14 Camping Tips that would come in handy while camping.

Camping - Keep Food Dry

How to Keep Food Dry While Camping – After a few days of camping, the liquid in the cooler always starts to soak into the food. Here’s a great idea to use cooling racks to keep food dry while camping.



Camping - freeze gallon jugs

Freeze Water in Gallon Milk Jugs – We have started to do this more when camping. Wash out gallon milk jugs, then freeze water in them and use as ice blocks to keep food cold in the cooler.



Camping - Lighting a fire

DIY Fire Starter – Use these three ingredients to make your own DIY Fire Starter.



Camping - pancakes

Camping Pancakes – Before going camping, fill piping bags with pancake batter, tie off the end, then when you are ready, snip the small ends and use as a piping bag.



Camping - bundle of sageUse Sage as a Bug Repellent – Place a bundle of sage, citronella leaves, or cedar bark in your campfire to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. If you can’t find a bundle of sage at your grocery store, Amazon sells sage bundles.




Easy DIY Wasp Trap – The wasps seem to find us every time we begin eating, so this is a great tip. Use an empty jar, orange juice, and jam to make a wasp trap.



Camping - Shoe organizer

Camp Kitchen Organizer – Use a shoe organizer to make a camp kitchen organizer. The Hanging Plastic Shoe Organizers here would work great.



Camping - Orajel for insect bites

Orajel for Bug Bites – Use Orajel or any toothache gel medicine to stop the itch of mosquito or bug bites.



camping - tic tac spice containers

Tic Tac Spice Containers – Use Tic Tac containers to carry spices for camping.



Camping - portable light

Night Lantern – Fill a gallon milk jug with water and point a headlamp toward the water to create a night lantern.



Camping - eggs in mason jar

 Eggs in a Mason Jar – My egg carton always comes back from camping soggy and soaked through with water, so I’m loving this idea. Place eggs in a jar for easy travel. You don’t have to worry about them breaking, and you just pour them out as needed. Just recently, my husband purchased this plastic egg holder for me, which has been extremely nice for camping.



Camping - duct tape

Duct Tape Tip – Wrap a couple of feet of duct tape around a lighter so you always have a supply in your backpack or pocket. This saves space so you don’t have to carry around the entire roll.



camping - laundry detergent washer dispenseLaundry Detergent Water Dispenser – Use an old laundry detergent bottle as a portable hand-washing station. And here is a laundry soap station idea.



Camping - soap pouchDIY Soap Pouch – Create a soap pouch to go with your camping washing station. Here are other ideas for a soap pouch.



14 Camping Tips to Make Camping Easier





Camping Tips Final

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Tips & Ideas for Planning a Staycation

Last week I posted tips about how to save money on summer vacations. This week I’ve included tips and ideas on how to do a “staycation” with your family. With a new baby in our family, this is what we are planning for our vacation this summer.

A staycation will help you save money while spending quality time together. It also helps the local economy and allows you to avoid the hassle of long hours of travel.

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when planning your staycation:
  •  Make it feel like a real vacation by planning beginning and end dates.
  •  Get rid of your daily at home routine and schedule.
  •  Create a hotel room experience at home by doing things such as breakfast in bed, hot baths,  watching television in bed, etc.
  •  Plan things to do by making a list of activities you want to do together as a family. Below I’ve included a list of possible staycation ideas.

Staycation Ideas

1. Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Take a tour inside factories, fire stations or police stations. You could also inquire to take a tour of a movie theater projection room or the pinsetters at a bowling alley. Television stations, radio stations, and newspaper production facilities also offer tours.

2. Museums, Observatories, Planetariums
Look for places that have areas dedicated to kids such as museums, observatories, and planetariums. Children will enjoy themselves while they learn about art, science, and history.

3. Scenic Train Rides
Ranging from about 30 minutes long to day trips, train rides often cater to kids. Some have themes or shows like Thomas the Train or pretend “train robberies.”

4. Historic Landmarks
Be a tourist in your own town by taking tours of historic sites, prominent places, museums or parks.

5. Geo Caching (www.geocaching.com)
Using a GPS, participate in this global treasure hunt by finding a hidden cache close to home.

6. Water Parks
Head to a water park that is within a reasonable driving distance. They are easier to find now than they used to be because many cities have built them as part of their recreation centers. Community swimming pools are another option.

7. Pool Party
Fill a pool with water and provide water balloons and squirt guns for a simple summer activity in the backyard.

8. Zoos and Aquariums
Young kids love the zoo, of course, and there are some very good aquariums around the country. Many zoos also offer behind-the-scenes “VIP” tours and have special camp programs for kids.

9. Sporting Events
Have a fun day by going to a sporting event with your family. You might also ask to take a tour of the stadium.

10. Camping
It’s enjoyable to get out into nature, and there are so many items for children to discover. You could also go hiking, biking, and visit state parks and wilderness view areas. Another option is to camp in the back yard and enjoy looking at constellations.

11. Fishing
If you live near a lake or ocean, rent a boat and spend the day on the water.

12. Biking
Take a bike ride along local trails.

13. Local Hotel Room
Book a room at a local hotel and enjoy the amenities such as the swimming pool and room service.

14. Family Field Day
Organize and play fun games like tag, kickball and relay races.

15. Movie Marathon
Pop some popcorn and curl up on the sofa to enjoy some films together as a family.

16. City Festivals
Take advantage of local festivals and carnivals.

17. Family Fun Centers
Go to nearby family fun centers that have bowling alleys, miniature golfing, games and rides.

Some of the simplest things create the best staycation memories. Do you have any staycation ideas to add to this list?

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Money-Saving Tips for Summer Vacations

Many of us are gearing up for summer vacations with our families that are sure to be fun and memorable, but the last thing anyone wants to do is spend the rest of the year paying for the vacation. Here are 8 tips for your summer vacation that will help you save money while still having fun. 

1. Set A Budget
Review your available cash, savings, etc. to get an idea of how much you are willing to spend. Narrow your vacation options to fit within your budget. And consider destinations that offer the general experience of what you want without the cost.

2. Cut Unnecessary Expenses & Purchases
Use your vacation as your motivation to cut your spending and save as much cash as possible for the trip. Avoid impulse purchases and unnecessary expenses. Every week, set aside cash for spending so you don’t have to charge items on the credit card.

3. Hold a Garage Sale
Involve every family member in cleaning out their closets and finding items that can be sold. This is the perfect time of the year to hold a garage sale and sell unused or old items to fund your vacation.

4. Look for Travel Discounts
Spend time looking on websites for the best deals on hotels, airfares, rental cars, etc. You can sometimes save money by paying for hotels or rental cars in advance. And don’t be afraid to ask for additional discounts from hotels and activities before booking them. Also, consider renting a vacation home. This usually costs less money than staying at hotel rooms multiple nights.

5. Book Lodging with a Kitchenette
This will allow you to purchase food at the local grocery store and cook your own meals, which will save you money by not eating out at restaurants every day. Plan simple snacks, breakfasts, and meals.

6. Watch for Coupons
Many local businesses offer discount coupons for summer activities or restaurants. Look for discount coupon books and browse through local newspapers of your vacation destination.

7. Consider a Vacation Closer to Home
Find new destinations or experiences that are closer to your home. Not only will you have to travel less, but this will give you more vacation time. Instead of eating out, bring a cooler with your own sandwiches and drinks.

8. Plan Simple & Free Activities
Research activities that don’t cost a lot of money or are free such as walks in the park, local events and outdoor concerts. Many times, the most memorable moments are created from simple activities together.

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Tips to Save Money on Gas

Gas prices keep going up, and we’re spending more money from our monthly gas budget to fill up our vehicles. There are many ways to spend less money on gas and reduce overall fuel consumption. Here are a few tips:

1. Limit Your Driving – Plan ahead where you need to go and combine trips by running all your errands at the same time. I try to plan only one trip to town each week. At that time, I grocery shop and go to other stores that I need to.

2. Find Good Gas Prices – Don’t be brand conscious and buy where you can get the best deal. A good website to find cheap gas in your area is gasbuddy.com. Also, think about applying for a loyalty club card that offers you lower gas prices.

3. Fill Up Efficiently 

  • Fill the tank full. If you need to fill up, fill up all the way. Money is wasted each time you have to travel to a station and wait for a pump.
  • Wait until you have a quarter tank to fill up. Doing this can extend your gas mileage because you are hauling a lighter fuel load.  

4. Be Gentle with the AcceleratorWhen you slam down on the gas pedal, it pushes more fuel into the engine, making it run faster and lowers the fuel economy.

5. Avoid IdlingTurning off the engine when you stop for more than one minute can improve fuel efficiency by 19%. In cold weather, letting your car idle to warm up reduces fuel economy and creates additional pollution; all you need to do is drive gently for 5-10 minutes.

6. Buy Gas Three Days Before a Holiday – Gas prices almost always go up for holidays.

Every cent saved at the gas pump adds up and will save you money in the long run.
Note: Some of this information was gathered from WikiHow.com.
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