25 No Candy Valentine’s Ideas for Kids

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We still have so much candy in the house from the holidays and my kids don’t need more candy, so I’ve compiled a list of no candy Valentine’s ideas that kids can give to school friends or neighbors or that you can give as fillers in your valentine’s baskets you give your kids. For those of you who want to give non-candy Valentine’s to kids this year, here are 25 ideas with cute sayings you can use.

Amazon - Valentine's Lips Whistles

Valentine’s Lip Whistles

Use the saying, “Blow Me a Kiss, Valentine.”



amazon - valentine's play doh

Play-Doh Valentine’s Cans

Use the saying, “Doh you want to be my Valentine?” or

“Valentine, I think you are a-DOH-able”


amazon - heart maze puzzles

Heart Maze Puzzles – “You’re a-MAZE-ing! Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Amazon - Valentine's Slap Bracelets 2

Valentine’s Day Slap Bracelets


amazon - glow sticks

Glow Sticks

Use the saying, “You Make My Heart Glow.”


Amazon - Valentine's shovels

Red, White & Pink Toy Plastic Shovels with I Dig You Stickers

Use the saying, “I Dig You.”


amazon - mustache valentine's

Mustache Valentine’s Day Cards with Pencil – “I Mustache will you be my Valentine?”


Amazon - bookmarker

Valentine Exchange Bookmarks

Use the saying, “You’re #1 in my book.”


Amazon - Drinking StrawsCurling Drinking Straws

Use the saying, “You are an ex-STRAW-ordinary Valentine” or

“You are ex-STRAW special.”


amazon - valentine's bubbles

Valentine’s Bubbles

Use the saying, “You blow me away, Valentine” or

“I am bubbling with excitement that you are my friend” or

“Being your friend makes me BURST with joy” or

“You blow my mind”


amazon - valentine's glitter pencils

Valentine Day Glitter Pencils
Use the saying, “You’re just the WRITE friend for me” or

“You’re so SHARP.”


Amazon - emoji bracelets

Valentine Emoji Bracelets


amazon - valentine's stamper set

Valentine’s Day Stamper Set


amazon - valentine's day sticker box

Valentine’s Day Stickers

Use the saying, “Thanks for sticking with me, Valentine.”


amazon - valentine's straws

Cool Change Valentine Straws

Use the saying, “You are an ex-STRAW-ordinary Valentine” or

“You are ex-STRAW special.”


Amazon - Valentine's Pom Pom Craft

PomPom Craft 

You could glue them together and then hand them out to the kids.


amazon - valentine's heart erasers

Heart Smile Face Mini Erasers


Amazon - Valentine's Jokes

Scratch Off Silly Jokes Super Valentine Card Packs


Amazon - Valentine's Coloring Books

Valentine’s Day Mini Coloring Books


amazon - bouncy balls

High Bounce Bouncy Balls

Use the saying, “Valentine, you make my heart BOUNCE.”


Amazon - Valentine's ruler

You Rule Valentine’s with Ruler


amazon - magnifying glasses

3″ Miniature Magnifying Glasses

Use the saying, “Hey Valentine, I’ve had my eye on you.”


amazon - pink highlighers

Sharpie Pocket Style Fluorescent Pink Highlighers

Use the saying, “You are the highlight of my day.”


amazon - raisins

Mini Sun-Maid Raisins

Use the saying, “You are the ‘raisin’ I’m smiling.”


amazon - valentine's cookie catcher cards

Valentine Cootie Catcher Cards – Kids can fold them up and play to see their valentine fortune.


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  1. Deylene Morgan says

    Those are cute ideas I want to try for my kids. Thanks.

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