Walmart Ending Price Matching at 500 Stores (Starting June 9th)

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UPDATE: See my video here about Walmart ending price matching.

I heard that my Walmart in Tooele was ending price matching, then a few days later I heard that all of the signs were taken down and that they will continue to price match. Since I wasn’t sure what was happening, I stopped by my Walmart this week to talk with a manager and find out what was happening.

The manager at Tooele said that they will continue to price match, but there will be some changes. The biggest change is that they will no longer price match store brand for store brand. For example, you no longer can price match the Western Family brand for Walmart’s Great Value brand. The Tooele Walmart WILL continue to price match name brand products. So if you purchase Kraft, Lays, Betty Crocker, etc., as long as it’s the name brand that’s on sale and you get the exact size listed in the ad, then you will still be able to price match it.

Also, the manager at Walmart mentioned that they WILL continue to price match produce. I’m happy about that because that saves me a lot of money. However, she didn’t know yet if they would be price matching meats, unless it was a name brand meat such as Angus that was on sale at another store. I’ll keep you updated if I hear more.

The manager also recommended that you have the ads with you to be ready to show the cashiers, even though it says that ads aren’t required to price match. With these changes, your checkout experience will run more smoothly if you have the ads on hand.

Anybody else have a nearby Walmart that is ending price matching?


Beginning June 9, 2016, Walmart will be ending price matching at more than 500 stores, and instead, it will be implementing long-term price rollbacks on thousands of items. For more information, read this article published by Business Insider. Walmart isn’t releasing the which stores will be affected by this change. You’ll know if the change is at a Walmart near you when you go to Walmart and there are signs at the registers notifying you of the change.

Walmart is hoping that more customers will be encouraged to use the Walmart Savings Catcher App, a tool that scans your Walmart receipts and compares the prices you paid at Walmart to the prices advertised for the same items elsewhere in your area. If the app finds a lower advertised price, Walmart will issue a gift card in the amount of the difference.

If you find out your local Walmart will no longer price match, please leave a comment below with which city or state you are in or send an email to I’d like to know which of you my readers this affects.

What are your thoughts on this policy change?

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  1. Michelle M says

    Bad news Lisa, your Walmart is one of those unlucky 500… 🙁 they informed me of it when I was in there yesterday. It’s really gonna mess up my shopping too!

    • Oh no! That makes me so sad! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll have to run to Walmart one more time before the price matching is ended. And in the near future I will be writing a post about other ways to save money on groceries.

  2. Orem Utah says no more price matching on the 9th.

  3. I went to the Tooele Walmart on Wednesday and the cashier said they still weren’t sure what they were doing yet. She said they had all the notices posted stating they would no longer price match and then the manager said to take them all down! She said all of the cashiers are confused as to what will happen! I am hoping they will still let us price match when they figure out what they want to do. Hoping the above comment is from a mixed up cashier.

  4. Also I have been using the walmart app and have found it very unreliable for actually finding price matches here in tooele :/ Hopefully we can find other ways of saving on groceries besides for having to go from store to store!

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