Odysseo by Cavalia: The Most Amazing Show

Odysseo Cavalia

This past week, my husband and I had the chance to go to the Odysseo by Cavalia show in Sandy, Utah. If you live near Salt Lake City, you’ve probably seen the huge white tents by South Towne Mall. The show was INCREDIBLE! If you have ever been to a show in Vegas or New York, this show is just as good. So if you have a chance, I really recommend going.


Odysseo Tent

The tickets are expensive, but you won’t have to drive to Vegas to see this once-in-a-lifetime show that is literally within miles of where you live. To save some money, use the code SOCIALUT to get 10% off Gold Level and above tickets. There is also the option to save money on tickets by purchasing family discounts packages or purchasing obstructed view seats (which I hear aren’t bad views). Odyssey by Cavalia has extended their matinee and evening performances through June 6, 2016. Head over to Cavalia’s site for details, including pricing, dates and show times.

Odysseo - Standing by Tent

Odysseo - Standing by VIP Tent

When we first arrived at the tents around 5:30 p.m., we headed to the Rendezvous VIP tent where we received our tickets. While in the tent, we enjoyed a buffet dinner. It was delicious and included little quiches, chicken, steak and salads. They also had popcorn and drinks.

Odysseo - Before Performance

Odysseo - Full House

A few minutes before 7 p.m. we found our seats, which was on row 6. It was a great view of the stage. On a side note, I’ve been told that the obstructed view seats aren’t bad and that you can still see the performance really good. To begin the show, Odysseo started by projecting questions and answers across the curtains so the audience could learn more about the horses and show.

Here are a few fun facts that I learned about the show that night:

  • A 250 ton crane was required to set up the tents during the first installation.
  • Seating capacity of more than 2,000 seats.
  • The average age of the horses is 10 years old.
  • 350 costumes with 30-second costume changes.
  • 40,000 gallons of water is used and recycled for the show.
  • Moving the Odysseo show from city to city requires about 120 vehicles.
  • The kitchen prepares 600 meals a day.

The show began with the horses coming into onto the stage area. The show has a total of 65 horses. Twenty of these horses are stallions and the rest are geldings. And there are 48 artists in the show that include riders, acrobats, aerialists, dancers and musicians.

Odysseo - Horses on Stage


Odysseo - African Acrobats

This group of acrobats was amazing! I loved watching them tumble, flip and create structures with the entire group.

Odysseo - Horses Coming Down Hill

The stage was also amazing. They used 6,000 tons of dirt, sand and stone to create the stage. And the horses are beautiful. You can see some of it on video here.

And you’ll want to see the video of the performers on a rotating carousel. They are incredibly strong and elegant.

After Act I was over, we headed back to the VIP tent about 8 p.m. where there were yummy desserts and fruit to eat. Here is my cute husband eating cantaloupe.

Odysseo - Eating Dessert

Odysseo - Backdrop

At 8:30 p.m. we headed back to our seats for Act II of the performance.


Odysseo - Aerialists with Horses

As I watched these aerialists, I was on the edge of my seat. They were hanging by fabric and doing flips and turns while the horses on the ground kept them rotating. You can watch some of it on video here.

The horses were so well trained. The footwork that they were asked to do was incredible. My husband grew up with horses, and he knows a lot about them. During the performance, he leaned over and said that the horses were incredibly talented with their footwork. It took years for the horses to be able to do that footwork on command.

Odysseo - Finale

At the end of the show, they flooded part of the stage with water and had the horses ride through the water. The people on the front row got a little wet. It was beautiful to watch the horses splash through the water. I learned that they used a system of pumps and two water tanks to create the lake, which consists of 40,000 gallons of water. The water is recycled after each show.

After the performance finished, we went back to the VIP tent where we took photos with some of the performers. These two ladies said they both had been touring with Cavalia for three years.

Odysseo - Next to Performers

We then had the opportunity to take a stable tour and see all 65 horses. It was fun to be up close to the horses. Many of them wouldn’t look up because they were so hungry and enjoying their hay. I did get a few photos with the horses.

Odysseo - Selfie with Horse

It was an incredible night! This show was really fun and enjoyable to watch, and it was a wonderful night out with my husband. You should definitely go see the show if you can. I’ve mentioned this before that part of the reason I save money and also help people save money is so that when something like this comes around, they have an opportunity to experience it because it’s important to be able to enjoy things in life.


Cavalia provided me with a pair of Odysseo tickets in exchange for a review of the show. All opinions are my own.

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