12 Steps to Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

Spring Cleaning Kitchen

I enjoy spring cleaning and like the outcome of a clean house. And since I wasn’t able to really clean my house this past year since having a new baby, I want to get a fresh start this spring and really deep clean the house. When my house is cluttered or dirty, I have a harder time getting things done. But when my house is clean, I think more clearly and am able to organize my time and day better.

The kitchen is probably the hardest area of the house to keep clean since it’s used so much. And with young children, I don’t have enough time where I can just clean for hours at a time. So what I did to spring clean my kitchen was to set the time for 30 minutes to one hour each day for a week and complete two of the items below. The most difficult part of spring cleaning is just getting started. Once I started cleaning, my two young daughters would come and ask what they could clean. It was enjoyable to have them work alongside me and the cleaning time went by quickly. After the week was over, I felt so good that I had accomplished the big task of deep cleaning the kitchen.

Below is a list of cleaning tips and what I did to spring clean the kitchen. You might like to start by reading this post on Spring Cleaning: Organizing and Getting Started.

1. Clean up the Kitchen Quickly
Take a few minutes to get the surfaces cleared and the dishes put away so you will have room to actual clean.

2. Dust and wash down walls, corners and light fixtures
Start from the ceiling and clean down by dusting and wiping down the walls and the corners of walls. I used my Swiffer with a dry pad to reach the high dusty areas on the wall. Then clean the light fixtures and the ceiling fan. Spot clean areas on the wall that need more attention, and take time to clean the spilled food from the walls. Don’t forget to clean under the cabinets where food might splatter from a mixer or blender.

3. Clean the blinds and windows
Wipe down the windowsills, and wash the inside and outside of the kitchen windows. If you have curtains, wash and clean them as needed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Disinfect doorknobs, light switches and regularly touched surfaces that don’t get cleaned very often.

5. Clean the refrigerator
Clean the outside of the refrigerator. Then sort through the freezer and fridge by throwing out expired food, items that haven’t been used, and mostly empty containers. Place the items to keep on the counter, then wipe down the inside of the freezer and fridge. Use baking soda and hot water to clean your fridge because soap or other cleaning products can leave behind a scent that will affect the food.

6. Wipe down and clean the stove and oven
Wipe down the stove, burner covers, burners, knobs, and outside of the oven. To clean the inside of the oven, use a baking soda and water paste and apply the paste all over the oven, except on metal surfaces or the oven door. Allow to sit overnight, then in the morning wash it off using water.

I accidentally touched my inside oven light with my cleaning cloth and it popped and broke. That was frustrating. So just be careful not to touch the light if you have it on while you are cleaning the oven. When you finish cleaning the oven, take aluminum foil and line the bottom of the oven. If food spills over while baking, just roll up the foil and throw it away. It makes for an easy clean up and less scrubbing.

7. Wipe down small appliances
Wipe down and clean the microwave, toaster, mixer, blender and other small appliances. Place lemon juice in a cup of water and boil in the microwave for a few minutes to loosen any gunk. The lemon juice helps get rid of any smells.

8. Clean out, wipe down and organize cupboards and drawers
Take out all of the mismatched bowls and lids. Box up or give away items that aren’t used on a regular basis. Wipe down the insides and outsides of the cupboards and drawers, then organize the kitchen items and place them back in the cupboards and drawers.

9. Run the dishwasher empty
Place a cup of vinegar or baking soda in the bottom of the empty dishwasher before running it to help remove soap buildup and deposits. Wipe down the outside of the dishwasher.

10. Disinfect and wash counter tops and organize items that are kept on the counters.
Also wipe down and disinfect the garbage can. Sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom of the garbage bag to eliminate odors from food that will smell.

11. Wash out the sink
In a cup, mix baking soda with warm water, then pour it down the disposal to freshen the drain. Lemon or orange peels would also add a fresh scent.

12. Sweep and mop the floors

 spring cleaning kitchen 1
It feels great to have a really clean kitchen!

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  1. I can see how all these steps are important and helpful. Thanks for sharing and helping us be cleaner and more organised.

  2. Great post, Lisa! I feel exactly the way you do if my house is dirty. Therefore I try to clean it as often as possible. Thanks for sharing your cleaning ways, I got some really helpful tips!

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