Air Conditioner Woes and Pregnancy Update

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What’s worse than being than being 8 months pregnant during the HOT month of July? Having the air conditioner also go out!!

Yeah, so this past week our air conditioner went out, and our house got up to 86 degrees, which is uncomfortable especially since I’m 8 months pregnant.

My husband, who is amazing at fixing things, tested a few parts on the air conditioner and then ordered and replaced the bad parts himself. However, our air conditioner still wasn’t working. We were hoping that we could fix it ourselves, but after a few days without air conditioning and after replacing those parts that we thought were the issue, we had to call in an air conditioning company to help us out. It turned out that we wouldn’t have been able to fix the problem ourselves because we didn’t have the necessary tools to service the air conditioner. So $600 later (yikes!), we finally had our air conditioner running again.

This was definitely an unexpected expense that came along at a time that we are trying to save up to purchase a new-to-us vehicle, as well as save up to pay for the soon-to-be baby hospital bills. But I am grateful that we have a savings account so we could get our air conditioner fixed without having to put it on a credit card. This unexpected expense will set us back a little in purchasing a new vehicle. And even though having three children in the back seat of our car will be tight and an inconvenience, we really want to pay cash for our next vehicle. Plus, we are close to reaching our goal of how much we need saved. Once we purchase our next vehicle, I’ll share our money-saving experience with you.

For those of you who don’t have an emergency fund or savings, or maybe you do have one but you want to build it up more, read these posts: Tips to Build Up an Emergency Fund and my Top 5 Money-Saving Tips here.

baby boy feetPregnancy Update
So I am really excited that I only have about 5 weeks left before our baby boy arrives. It’s been a long 8 months because unlike many people who are only queasy and sick during the first trimester, I feel queasy and sick all nine months when I’m pregnant. For the past six months, almost every evening I’ve had to live by the bathroom, which has been frustrating. But I’ve been trying to stay positive and think to myself that I’m blessed to be able to have children, I’m not on bed rest, and I’m not in the hospital. I know I’ll get through the next 5 weeks or sooner. For my other two pregnancies, my girls were two and three weeks early so there is a good chance that this baby boy could come early, which would be great!

On that note, I want you to know that after the baby is born I will do my best to continue posting money-saving tips on Saving Cent by Cent, but there may be days where I’m not able to because I’ll be taking care of a newborn and my two girls, as well as trying to catch up on sleep. I’m still going to be around because sharing money-saving tips is something I love to do, but for a short time it won’t be as regular until I get a routine going again. Thanks for being understanding! And I’ll make sure all of you know as soon as our baby arrives!

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  1. Deylene Morgan says

    I’m so excited for you little boy. I can’t wait to see pictures. Yikes, that is too hot when you are pregnant. Glad your air conditioner is working now. Love ya,


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