14 Camping Tips To Make Camping Easier

14 Camping Tips to Make Camping EasierOur family loves to camp! We try to get out camping as much as possible in the summer. Plus, it’s enjoyable to watch as our girls find every single thing exciting as we camp — from building dirt mounds to watching the insects. As I was looking up camping tips for our family, I thought many of you might find these tips interesting as well. Below are 14 Camping Tips that would come in handy while camping.

Camping - Keep Food Dry

How to Keep Food Dry While Camping – After a few days of camping, the liquid in the cooler always starts to soak into the food. Here’s a great idea to use cooling racks to keep food dry while camping.



Camping - freeze gallon jugs

Freeze Water in Gallon Milk Jugs – We have started to do this more when camping. Wash out gallon milk jugs, then freeze water in them and use as ice blocks to keep food cold in the cooler.



Camping - Lighting a fire

DIY Fire Starter – Use these three ingredients to make your own DIY Fire Starter.



Camping - pancakes

Camping Pancakes – Before going camping, fill piping bags with pancake batter, tie off the end, then when you are ready, snip the small ends and use as a piping bag.



Camping - bundle of sageUse Sage as a Bug Repellent – Place a bundle of sage, citronella leaves, or cedar bark in your campfire to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. If you can’t find a bundle of sage at your grocery store, Amazon sells sage bundles.




Easy DIY Wasp Trap – The wasps seem to find us every time we begin eating, so this is a great tip. Use an empty jar, orange juice, and jam to make a wasp trap.



Camping - Shoe organizer

Camp Kitchen Organizer – Use a shoe organizer to make a camp kitchen organizer. The Hanging Plastic Shoe Organizers here would work great.



Camping - Orajel for insect bites

Orajel for Bug Bites – Use Orajel or any toothache gel medicine to stop the itch of mosquito or bug bites.



camping - tic tac spice containers

Tic Tac Spice Containers – Use Tic Tac containers to carry spices for camping.



Camping - portable light

Night Lantern – Fill a gallon milk jug with water and point a headlamp toward the water to create a night lantern.



Camping - eggs in mason jar

 Eggs in a Mason Jar – My egg carton always comes back from camping soggy and soaked through with water, so I’m loving this idea. Place eggs in a jar for easy travel. You don’t have to worry about them breaking, and you just pour them out as needed. Just recently, my husband purchased this plastic egg holder for me, which has been extremely nice for camping.



Camping - duct tape

Duct Tape Tip – Wrap a couple of feet of duct tape around a lighter so you always have a supply in your backpack or pocket. This saves space so you don’t have to carry around the entire roll.



camping - laundry detergent washer dispenseLaundry Detergent Water Dispenser – Use an old laundry detergent bottle as a portable hand-washing station. And here is a laundry soap station idea.



Camping - soap pouchDIY Soap Pouch – Create a soap pouch to go with your camping washing station. Here are other ideas for a soap pouch.



14 Camping Tips to Make Camping Easier





Camping Tips Final

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  1. Awesome ideas! Can’t wait to give them a try

  2. Re: freezing water in gallon jugs: they take up way too much room in the cooler. We tried this for a couple of weekends and went back to cubes. A good compromise might be freezing water in two-quart jugs. They should also be distributed around to keep food more evenly cold, rather than at one end.


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