Fun and Frugal Summer Activities for Kids

summer activities for kids

I’m looking forward to doing some fun activities with my girls this summer. Here are ideas of fun and frugal summer activities to do with children.

activities for kids - hot air balloon
Hot Air Balloon – This activity will keeps the kids entertained for hours!


Activities for kids - ice chalk
Homemade Sidewalk Ice Chalk – Mix together half cornstarch, half water, and washable tempura paint. Pour it into ice cube trays, and freeze it. Make sure the kids wear clothing that is okay to get messy.


activities for kids - hula hoop
Do It Yourself Hula Hoop – I loved the hula hoop when I was younger! This looks like such a fun activity that the kids would love, and for me too.  ;)


activities for kids - water balloon pinata
Water Balloon Piñata – Sounds like a fun way to get wet this summer!


activities for kids - water pistol target range
Water Pistol Target Range – Stacking some paper cups into a pyramid shape, then use a dollar store water pistol or spray bottle to shoot them down.

If you have any fun summer activities that you’ve enjoyed doing with your kids, please share with everyone! And here are more activities to do with your kid this summer:
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