Dyeing and Decorating Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs Dyeing and Decorating Final

Do something different with your Easter eggs this year by using the techniques below. Also, be sure to check out the Easter Crafts and Activities for Children post here.

Glitter-Dipped Easter Eggs – Create these pretty and colorful glitter-dipped Easter eggs.

Egg Dyeing Rubber Band Technique – Wrap your egg with rubber bands before placing it in dye to make a unique egg.


Tissue Paper Easter Eggs – Use cute tissue paper and white plastic eggs to create these tissue paper Easter eggs.


Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs – Roll eggs in colorful shaving cream to create this look.


Decoupaged Springtime Eggs – Cut out flower napkins and use Mod Podge to create a spring look on your eggs.

Egg Dyeing String Technique – Place string or yarn around the egg and place it in the dye to create a unique egg look.

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