19 Fall & Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

19 Fall and Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

These Fall and Thanksgiving Activities for Kids gave me some ideas of what I can do with my daughters over the next few weeks, and I hope you’ll be able to use some of the ideas with your family.

fall activities - indian corn napkin ring

These Indian Corn Napkin Rings are easy to put together, and they make a nice addition to the Thanksgiving dinner décor.

fall activities - fall leave rubbing

This Fall Leave Rubbing activity is a favorite that we do regularly as leaves fall off the trees, and it’s one of the least expensive fall craft projects. Find leaves outside. Place them under a paper and rub a crayon on top of the paper.


pumpkin ring toss

Glow Stick Necklace Pumpkin Ring Toss – Let the kids try throwing the glow stick necklaces on the stems of the pumpkins. It’s harder than it looks!


pilgrim hats for kids

These Pilgrim Hats are a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving and remember how Thanksgiving began.


fall activities - pilgrim paper plate

Teach your children about the history of Thanksgiving while making these Pilgrim Paper Plate Crafts.

fall activities - feather hunt

Using colorful feathers from a craft store, hide them around the house or yard and have the kids hold a Turkey Feather Hunt. The feathers can then be used to make a Native American Headress.

fall activities - pine cone turkey

This Pine Cone Turkey would make a cute centerpiece for Thanksgiving. All you need is construction paper, a pine cone, googly eyes, and glue to put it together.

paper leaf garlandThis Paper Leaf Garland is a cute way to decorate for Thanksgiving.



fall activities - boat balloons

Thanksgiving Boat Races – Your kids can make these boats from milk cartons and powered by balloons and pretend to be just like Columbus crossing the ocean.

fall activities - turkey handprint

This Turkey Handprint is a simple Thanksgiving craft where kids have fun tracing their hands.


Use leaves to make these autumn Nature Crowns.



fall activities - leaf lantern

These Leaf Lanterns look beautiful when lit up at night.



fall activities - thanksgiving bingo

Play Thanksgiving Bingo on Thanksgiving Day while the dinner is being prepared.



fall activities - grateful tree

Make a Grateful Tree using twigs from your yard or place a paper tree on your wall. Write down what you are grateful for each day and place it on the tree.


Fall Leaf Painting – Places leaves on a paper and paint over the edges to make the shapes of the leaves.


Your kids will want to help clean the leaves off the ground with these Leaf Scoopers.


fall activities - gumdrop turkeys 2

Have the kids make these Gumdrop Turkeys on Thanksgiving Day so they have an activity to do while they wait for dinner.


fall activities - turkey roll game

This Turkey Roll Game looks like it would be a lot of fun! Roll the dice, then look to see what color of M&M to use to make the feathers.


fall activities - turkey be eaten game

This Turkey Toss Game is entertaining for the kids. And if you don’t want to take time to make a turkey bean bag, a regular bean bag will work.


What fall or Thanksgiving activities have you done with your family?

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