Freezing Fresh Herbs

Freezing Fresh Herbs

Usually when I purchase cilantro or parsley at the store, I never use it all up and then it goes bad. But I found out that you can preserve fresh herbs by freezing them. This is a great way to not let any of the herbs go to waste, and you can use them later when you need only a small amount for a recipe. So far, I’ve already used some of the cilantro I froze for a soup recipe. It was nice not to have to have to go to the store to buy a whole pack of cilantro. Instead, I just grabbed some from the freezer. Here’s how you freeze fresh herbs:

1. Wash the herbs, cut off the stems, and chop up the herbs.

2. Place about 1 Tablespoon chopped herbs into an ice cube tray.

3. Fill up the ice cube tray with water and freeze.

4. Remove the herb cubes and place them in a labeled freezer bag for up to two months.

When you are ready to use the herbs, just pull out the number of cubes that you need, thaw it, and then add it to your soups and sauces. Just another way to save a little more money!

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  1. Thank you! I have seen things where you can freeze herbs in oil, and most of the recipes I use don’t want them in olive oil, so I didn’t think I could save my herbs. This is fantastic!

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