How Duct Tape Saved Money on Diapers & My Sanity

Duct Tape Diaper

The last few weeks have been challenging with our 18-month old daughter. She has figured out how to take off her diaper. Not only have I had to change out her diaper more often, but I’ve had to clean up messes too! And even though I try to find the best deals on diapers every few months, they are still expensive, so I don’t want to use more diapers than needed.

At our last doctor’s visit, the pediatrician mentioned placing duct tape on the diaper if the need arose. At first I thought it was a silly idea, but now I understand how handy duct tape can be–it’s the fix-all, must-have item!

Since I started placing a strip of duct tape over the tabs of the diaper, my 18-month-old hasn’t been able to pull the tabs to take her diaper off. I’m not having to clean up additional messes, and I’m not needing to constantly use more diapers than needed throughout the day, which saves me a little more money on diapers.

I researched other ways to keep a toddler from tearing off his or her diaper. Here are a few more ideas:

Backward diaper – With the tabs on the back, it’s harder for those little hands to reach around and pull off the diaper.

Clothing Tricks – Clothing such as backward onesies, bathing suits, or over-alls are difficult for children to remove, which also makes it more difficult for the diaper to be removed.

Diaper Covers – The elastic waist and leg bands make it more difficult for children to remove. I don’t know how well this one would have worked for my daughter, since she easily took off her pants to remove her diaper.

Has your toddler done this? Feel free to share your experience.

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