Frugal & Fun Activities for Children

Welcome Good Things Utah viewers! Here are the frugal and fun activities for children I showed today in the studio. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to make the activities  or you can check out my Good Things Utah TV segment here.

Homemade Glitter Slime

1 teaspoon Borax
1 bottle Elmer’s Glue (clear or white)
food coloring

1) Dissolve 1 teaspoon Borax in 1 cup warm water. Set aside.
2) In a medium size bowl, pour in bottle of glue. Then fill empty glue bottle with water, and pour it into the bowl of glue.
3) Add food color of your choice and glitter, then stir well.
4) Pour the Borax mixture into the glue mixture and stir with a spoon. You’ll start seeing gobs form immediately.
5) Put the spoon aside and finish kneading the slime with your hands for a few minutes until all of the water is soaked into the slime. If you want the slime to be drier to the touch, then dump out the excess water before the water is soaked in and before you finish kneading the slime.


Balloon Yo-Yo
Attach a balloon to a funnel and filled it with rice (about 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup). Tie the end of the balloon and secured one rubber band around it with a knot. Take another rubber band and loop it through the first one. Add on 2-3 more rubber bands until you achieve the desired length.

Blow Painting

Items Needed:
Non-toxic paint watered down to form a milky solution (tempura paint is recommended)
Dropper or spoon

Using a dropper or spoon, Place 3-4 drops of liquid paint onto your paper. Use the straws to blow the paint out in all directions.

Shoe-Box Guitar

Items Needed:
Shoe box
Paper towel or wrapping paper tube

Cardboard tubes (such as from a dry-cleaner hanger)
6 Rubber bands
6 Brads (optional)
Kraft paper (optional)
Bread-bag tag

1)Remove the lid of the shoe box. Cover the box, lid, and paper-towel tube with the paper of your choice.
2) Lay the paper-towel tube on a table, positioning one end against the short side of the box and centering it along the bottom edge. Trace a circle around the tube. Draw 4 lines bisecting that circle (as if cutting a pie), then, with a utility knife, cut along the lines and through the box. Slide the tube through the bisected hole until it hits the other end of the box and secure it with tape. )
3) Cut an oval in the lid, then put it on the box.
4) Place the two cardboard tube pieces (decorated with tape or paper, if desired) above and below the oval. Glue to secure. This will allow the “strings” to twang.
5) Stretch 6 rubber bands lengthwise around the box.
6) Screw the brads into the top of the cardboard-tube neck for the tuning pegs.
7) Pick away with the bread-bag tag.


Spray Bottle Snow Art

Items Needed:
Spray bottle
Food coloring

Place water in a spray bottle, and add food coloring. Let the children go outside and spray the snow different colors.

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