Tips to Save Money on Printing Coupons

With the number of coupons that are available to print from the Internet now, it uses up ink cartridges more quickly. Here are a few tips to maximize your ink usage and lower your out-of-pocket costs for printing supplies, as well as some coupon-printing tips.

1. Print coupons in black and white.
Set your printer default to only print in black and white to save money on ink, since it’s more expensive to print in color. Stores will still accept the coupons even though they are printed in black and white. Also, change the print quality on your computer to fast draft or quick printing (Your printer may have different wording depending on the model and brand). To do this go to “Control Panel” and click “Printers”, then choose “Printing Preferences.”

2. Print 2-3 coupons per page.
After you print one coupon, turn the page around to print a coupon on the bottom or back of the paper.

3. Print multiple coupons.
You can print 2 coupons per 1 computer by hitting the back browser button and refreshing the page. If you have more than one computer in your house, you can print coupons from those computers as well.

4. Print on scrap paper.
Print on the back of scrap paper that you might normally throw out. This could include junk mail, fliers, and old homework assignments. Just make sure there’s no personal information on the other side.

5. Watch your coupon print.
Once the coupon is finished printing, push the “Cancel” button so the rest of the paper comes out. You won’t waste ink on advertisements that print following the coupon.

6. Buy cartridges online.
There are several online retailers that sell ink cartridges for less money than picking them up at a store, such as and

7. Refill ink cartridges.
It’s less expensive to refill an ink cartridge than buying a new one. Walgreens has a 1-hour ink cartridge refill service at the photo counter, which also includes a complete cleaning of the cartridge and a print test after the refill to make sure everything is in order.

8. Recycle old cartridges.
Many Staples stores offer a recycle drop for used cartridges with a $2.00 coupon towards purchasing a new cartridge.

9. Don’t replace the ink cartridge until the ink is gone.
Many printers give a warning when the ink cartridge needs to be replaced. However, wait for the ink to be completely out before replacing it. When the prints start to look terrible, then replace the cartridge.

10. Don’t print photos from your printer.
The photo quality is much better when you use an online photo service such as Shutterfly for printing. And many times, you cand find photo printing deals to save you money.

11. Never pay full price for paper.
Office retailers have huge sales on back-to-school supplies. Many times you can pick up reams of paper for FREE after rebate! Even if you don’t have kids in school, pay attention to the sales and stock up now.

12. Only print coupons you will use.
It’s tempting to print any coupon that you have a remote chance of using, but you have to remember that you are also wasting ink and paper when you print it. Stick with printing coupons that you know you will use.

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