Buying Groceries on a Budget: Organization & Patience

This is the last of the Buying Groceries on a Budget series.

I know this can be difficult, but stay as organized as possible with your coupons. Every couple of days take the coupons you’ve clipped or printed and organize them in your binder. If you have a pile of coupons all over your house, you won’t be able to utilize them, let alone know what you have. Keeping it in organized in one location will help you to save time because you can quickly locate the coupon you’ll need to use with a sale.

When you start clipping coupons, remember it’s going to take time to build up the coupons you need to use with sales. You also have to be patient and watch for the right sales to come around that you can use with your coupons, as well as watch for items to reach their “rock bottom” price. This will maximize your savings.

It will take some months before you really start to see a decrease in the amount of money you spend each week at the store. It took me about 7-8 months to get to the point where my food pantry and storage was stocked well enough that I could mainly focus on sale items paired with coupons.

It’s definitely been worth the amount of money we save on our grocery bill to continue doing this. I hope that you’ve been able to take away some helpful tips from this Buying Groceries on a Budget series. Please let me know if you have questions or if there are other money-saving topics you would like me to cover.

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