Buying Groceries on a Budget: Organizing Coupons

Once you’ve started clipping coupons, you’ll need to create an organization system that works for you. 

I like to use the “Clipless Coupon Method” to help me save time. What you do is browse through the coupon inserts and clip out the coupons you think you would use. With the packet of unclipped coupons, write the date you received it on the top front and file it away. If you hear about a deal later on, you can easily pull out the coupon insert and clip the coupon you need.

With the coupons I clip and print from online, I file them in my small plastic pouch (as shown above). I created homemade dividers from colored cardstock. And on each divider I’ve listed different categories such as dairy, dry goods, cereal, condiments & sauces, baking items, household/cleaning, personal care, baby, medicine, etc. Within each divider, I organize the coupons by their expiration date.

Some people use binders and purchase the baseball card holders to place inside it. I like my small coupon pouch because it easily fits into my purse. For those just starting out, this small pouch isn’t overwhelming, and it also shows that you don’t need lots of coupons to start to save money.

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