Albertsons: 8 lbs. of Strawberries for $4.99! (That’s $0.62 lb.)!!!

I went to Albertsons today to pick up 2 lb. blocks of Tillamook cheese for $3.99 each! They still have plenty in stock. Make sure to take the in-store coupon with you.

And while I was there, I saw that they had 8 lb. flats of strawberries on sale for $4.99! That is $0.62 lb! If I find strawberries on sale for $0.99 lb. I stock up on them, so when I saw this sale I was extremely happy. I of course bought two flats. Please note that this is an unadvertised deal, so I’m not sure if it is a sale throughout all of the Albertsons.

You are probably thinking what in the world am I going to do with 16 lbs. of strawberries? Eat them of course! And I’ll freeze some for smoothies, make strawberry jam, and it’s time to whip together my recipe for strawberry shortcake again. 

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