Money Saving Mom’s Budget Audio Book Review

Last month, I was excited when I found out that Money Saving Mom wanted me to review the audio book of Money Saving Mom’s Budget.

The audio book was very convenient because I could listen to it and multi-task as I checked e-mails or posted deals on Saving Cent by Cent. Even though I’m budget savvy, the book gave me additional ideas about how I could save even more money.

There were a few chapters of the book that really impacted me. One of them talked about setting big goals then breaking them down into bite size pieces. Whatever your goals may be, like to get out of debt or to save more money, you need to break them down into smaller goals to help you achieve it. In Money Saving Mom’s Budget, Crystal Paine gives ideas how to do this.

One of the other things that Crystal mentioned is to choose contentment. Whatever our situation may be, we can be content about it. Years ago, I had the opportunity to live in the Philippines for a year and a half while I served a mission for my church. The majority of Filipino people lived in poverty, and they literally had nothing. Yet they are a very happy people and content with their situation. I’ve learned that we can live a rich and full life without a huge income or lots of things, and we can still be content in life.

The audio book of Money Saving Mom’s Budget is an excellent read, and I recommend it. And what I like about Crystal is that she is donating all of the profits from the book to Compassion International-an organization that helps to feed and clothe needy children around the globe.

Note: Money Saving Mom gave me a free copy of The Money Saving Mom’s Budget Audio Book in exchange that I would write a review about it.

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