My Financial Life Journey and the Lessons I Learned – Part 2

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In order to pay for the summer semester, I called my mother. With tears in my eyes, I told her my situation and asked if she could loan me $150. As loving a mother, she of course, said she would. At this point in my mother’s life, she was in more of a stable financial situation and could help me out.

Now that I had paid for the summer semester, I still needed to figure out how I was going to pay for my last year of college. Two weeks before my tuition was due for the fall semester, I was ready to go and take out a loan to pay for it. But then a miracle happened.

One of the grants I applied for came through. It was enough money to pay for another semester! Joy of gratitude swept over me. Around the same time, I also found out that I was accepted into the prestigious communications New York internship program. Only 25 communications students from my college each year were accepted to go to New York City for an internship, and I was one of them!

This would be the chance of a lifetime. Yet, my excitement fell as I realized that I would need to come up with a few thousand to pay for my living expenses there, since these internships were unpaid.

Then the next miracle occurred; I received another grant that would pay for my New York City internship. Plus there was a little extra left over that would help toward my last semester of college tuition. In the end, I still had to take out a small loan, but with the grants I received, it wasn’t as much as I initially thought I needed to take out. I was extremely blessed during my college years.

After graduation and my summer New York internship with Alan Taylor Communications, the largest sports PR agency in New York City, it was now time to look for a job. I hoped I could find a job in communications. I also had a loan that I needed to begin paying off. As a recent graduate, I didn’t know if I’d find a job right away or if I would be looking for months.

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