My Financial Life Journey and the Lessons I Learned – Part 1

When I was young, my parents taught me about how important it was to save money. They encouraged me to take most of the money I earned and put it in my bank savings account. And they said that if I saved my money now, I would be able to pay for most of my college. That really stuck with me, and I wanted to go to college without having to take out loans.

With a household of eight to care for, I knew my parents weren’t in the position to help me out with college, so whenever I received babysitting money or did extra jobs around the house, I would place my money in my savings rather than spend it. My attitude of saving for college continued through my teenage years. And when I graduated from high school, I had saved enough money to go to college for a few years.

While being enrolled full-time in college, I also worked part time. I was blessed to be able to live at home for many years during college, which helped me to save more money.

After three years of working toward a business management degree, I wasn’t admitted to the program. Frustrated and heartbroken, I looked at other degrees and decided upon a communications degree with an emphasis in public relations.

This unexpected change in programs added on two more years of college for me. I was doing fine paying for college, until the very last year, when I had completely drained my savings account. I began applying for grants. I also began looking into loans, even though I had hoped I wouldn’t have to.

I continued forward and signed up for a few classes during a summer semester. As I looked at my funds, I saw that I was short $150 to be able to pay my tuition. I wasn’t sure what to do. I prayed a lot to know how I was going to come up with that money, as well as how to pay for my last year of college. Then some very unexpected events occurred.

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  1. Love this personal narrative. Great addition to your page. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story, though!!


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