EXPIRED: Free Arm & Hammer Toothpaste

Update October 15, 2019:

There have been many of you landing on this page for a $1 off Arm & Hammer coupon. I’m not sure why you are being directed to this page because this post was not about a $1 off coupon. However, if you copy and paste the URL AHToothpaste.com/Savings into a new web browser, you can get a printable coupon for $1.00 off Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, 4.3 oz or larger.


Expired: Copy and paste the link http://www.ahtoothpaste.com/ into your browser to request a FREE Arm & Hammer Toothpaste sample.

If you have requested this before, you won’t be able to request it again. Limit 1 per household.

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  1. Are you so cheap you can not just print a coupon in the Sunday flyer. I signed up and used your website AHToothpaste.com/savings. No savings there or coupons. I even tried your website for other products coupons and they are not available. As far as I am concern, it is a sham. I don’t need to buy products from a company that does not help and respect there customers. I will use coupons I can clip from the flyers.

    • This post to get a free Arm & Hammer toothpaste was from 2011. It expired a long time ago. I’ve gone ahead and made note that it has expired.

    • Beverly, I’m not sure why you are being directed to this page of my website. However, when I copy and paste the URL AHToothpaste.com/Savings into a new web browser it directs me to Coupons.com where you can get a $1.00 off Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, 4.3 oz or larger. Hopefully by doing that you can get the $1 off coupon.

  2. Diane G Wesson says

    To Lisa:
    The ad in the Sunday paper directed the reader to this site for the dollar off coupon. The reader was to go to, AHToothpaste.com/Savings; this is the page that comes up. So, exactly where are we supposed to go to for the coupon; we followed directions, and landed on an expired page. Making a note to say the ad expired does nothing to advise us where exactly is the coupon. Do you have an answer? I think Arm & Hammer owes those of us who use their products an explanation.

  3. I agree with these people. You just want people to end up going to. your web site and getting into more and more offers to sign up for this and that. Print the coupons in the paper or don’t bother to make people go through all this crap.

    • I’m not sure why you are being sent to this post of mine when it originally didn’t have anything to do with a $1 off coupon. I have no connection to whoever is sending you to my site. Sorry that it’s been frustrating for everyone.

  4. To Arm & Hammer. If you can’t print coupon in your ad don’t bother sending us to web site. I will buy Crest or colgate

  5. I too went to the website & no coupon!! Not happy with your misleading advertising!!

    • I’m not sure why everyone has been landing on this post to my website. I’m not affiliated with Arm & Hammer. I was able to copy and paste the new URL into a new browser on my computer and the $1 of Arm & Hammer coupon came up for me. Be sure to copy and paste the URL into a new browser.

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