Macey’s Deals: April 5-12

Macey’s, Harmons and Fresh Market are also holding their case lot sales again this week. Go to Grocerysmarts, then choose your “state” to find the best case lot deals for what your family needs. You can also check out my blog post from last week that lists some of the best case lot deals.

Here are a few additional details about the Macey’s case lot sale:

Western Family Ketchup, 24 oz. – $0.77
However, at the store it is marked as $0.67 each. I bought a case with 16 in it, and it rang up as $0.67 for each! So this is a stock up price for ketchup.

Western Family Paper Napkins, 250 ct. – $0.99
This is also a stock up price on napkins to get you ready for summer.

So a couple of days ago, I went to Macey’s to pick up some of these case lot deals. While I was there, I saw a group of different napkins, 360 ct., that had the price listed as $0.99. I thought this is a better deal than what they listed in the ad, so I grabbed five. I was distracted at the checkout and didn’t confirm that they were $0.99. Well, when I got home, I glanced at my receipt and they were $2.79 each. Aaahhh! I didn’t want to pay that price. So today, I headed back there to return the napkins or see if they would give me the $0.99 deal. They were great and said they would give me the $0.99 deal since the tag had been listed as that. Kudos to Macey’s customer service for going out of their way and helping me out. That made my day and worth the effort of running back!

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