Recycle Old Ink Cartridges and Earn Money

Now that I am an avid couponer, I go through inkjet cartridges regularly. There is the option of refilling cartridges to save money. Walgreens, Staples and Office Max all refill cartridges. However, I’ve heard that the print quality isn’t as good once it’s refilled, but I don’t know for sure since I haven’t tried it. And I don’t want the messy task of buying a kit and refilling cartridges myself.

Well, a few weeks ago I read an article about being paid to recycle old ink cartridges. I thought, this sounds like a good way to earn some money, while also taking another small step toward reducing my carbon footprint.

A couple of online companies who will pay for old inkjet and laser cartridges include and Advantage Cartridge. After signing up, the company will send out a welcome package, which includes free shipping labels to send them the ink cartridges. And once they receive your cartridges package, they’ll send a check within the month.

The companies do have a few requirements:

  • Ship a minimum of 20 inkjet cartridges at one time
  • The cartridges must appear on the price list
  • The cartridges cannot be damaged or previously refilled

You can view the price lists on each website to see how much you’ll receive for each ink cartridge. My black and white cartridges are worth $1.00 each, and my color cartridges are worth $3.00 each. I’m estimating I would receive between $30-$40 for 20 cartridges. That’s the price of one combo ink cartridge pack, which means a free pack for me. So rather than throwing away cartridges, think about saving and recycling them!

And since 20 cartridges can take a while to save, an idea to be able to send the package of cartridges in sooner could be having family and neighborhood friends begin saving theirs too. Once you have saved at least 20 cartridges all together, then you can send them off.

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