Our Taxes Are Done!

Yeah, we recently finished filing our taxes for this year!
Every year, we purchase tax software and do our own taxes. This year we price compared multiple tax software companies to find one that was reasonably priced and that would give us a maximum refund.

In past years, we’ve gone with TurboTax, but it’s twice as expensive as other tax software (about $42 – $50). We began to try Tax Act (about $18), but after getting to the end, the refund it showed was going to be a lot less than our last year’s refund, and we hadn’t had any major changes occur in our work or family this past year.

Finally, we decided on and downloaded the H&R Block At Home 2010 Deluxe Federal + State software for $21.99 from Amazon.com. It was easy to use, inexpensive, and gave us our maximum refund. We were very happy with it.

I hope that this information will be helpful for some of you who do your own taxes and are beginning the process of filing your taxes. Good luck! It feels great to be done with our taxes.

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