Taking Surveys – Earning Money

Taking surveys can be a great way to help you earn a little more money. You won’t earn tons of money, but it’s nice to have extra cash or gift cards for a few additional purchases.

Over the year, I’ve tried out a lot of different survey companies. The ones below are my top choices that I have qualified for the most or I feel have been worth my time.

Ipsos i-say
Ipsos sends out emails for surveys a couple times a week. Once you reach 1,000 points, you can cash out for $10 gift cards or have a check mailed to you. The more surveys you take and the longer you stay with the company, they reward you with loyalty points. After each survey, you can play the Poll Predictor Game, which gives you an opportunity to enter drawings for prizes.

Synovate Global Opinion Panels
Synovate is a leading global provider of market research information and analysis with over 60 years of experience. When you obtain 5,000 points, you can request a $5 check. (Remember that each survey company’s point system is different regarding how many points they give you per completed survey.) With Synovate, I like that I almost always qualify for each survey they email me, and if I don’t qualify, they usually give me some points for participating.

Survey Savvy
With Survey Savvy, I don’t always qualify for surveys, but when I do, it’s worth it! You usually earn a couple bucks per survey. And what I like about them is that you can cash out with as little as $1.

Opinion Outpost
With Opinion Outpost, I sometimes need to take multiple surveys before I qualify for one, but when I do, the points add up fast. You only need 50 points, which is $5, to cash out.

I rarely qualify for the MyPoints surveys, but I placed this one on here because I am able to request a $10 gift card every few months, mainly from reading MyPoints emails. You receive 5 points for every email you read, and 10 – 50 points per survey. There are other ways you can earn points, but I usually just stick to the two things I mentioned. Most $10 gift cards are about 1,500 points to redeem.

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