Couponing Tips

Below are couponing tips that I’ve learned since I first began couponing. Some of you may already knows these tips, to others, this may be new.

  1. Print coupons in black and white. Set your printer default to only print in black and white. This will save money on ink, since it’s more expensive to print in color.
  2. Print 2-3 coupons per page. After you print one coupon, turn the page over to print a coupon on the bottom. Utilizing as much of the paper as possible will save some money.
  3. Print two coupons per computer. After printing the first coupon, you can print a second coupon by clicking the back button, then refreshing the page, then printing the coupon again.
  4. Don’t use coupons just because you have them. Before purchasing an item with a coupon, think about whether the item is something you need, will use, and that actually saves you money. Don’t get into the mindset that you need to buy an item because you have a coupon.
  5. Store coupons and manufacturer coupons can be stacked. This is how you get the really good deals – stack a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon together.


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