3-Ingredient Homemade Weed Killer

3-Ingredient Homemade Weed Killer

Purchasing weed killers from the store can be expensive, so I decided to make my own homemade natural weed killer. I did research and found that only three ingredients are needed to make a simple homemade weed killer. I made some and placed it in an empty spray bottle, then tested a few areas by spot spraying the homemade weed killer on weeds on the north side of my house where there is gravel. I saturated the weeds including its leaves and within a few days they were brown and shriveled up.


Weed Killer Photo1

Homemade Weed Killer

Place the three ingredients into an empty spray bottle and label it. It was so simple and only took a few minutes. Plus it’s nice to save some money by not buying the expensive weed killers at the store.

Make note that this weed killer does kill grass. I tested a spot on a weed that was growing in the middle of my lawn and both the weed and the grass around it that was sprayed died. So be sure to only use this weed killer in the areas where you don’t want grass or weeds.

Weed Killer Final

Here are a few before and after photos of the weeds that I sprayed.

Homemade Weed Killer Collage Photo 1 Final

Homemade Weed Killer Collage Photo 2 Final

And below is an image you can print to label a bottle of homemade weed killer.

Homemade Weed Killer with amounts

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  1. Darlene says:

    Used this for the first time, and it works like a miracle!! Thank you so very much.

  2. Marlene Byrne says:

    How do I dissolve the salt to use in a sprayer? I have even boiled it and it still won’t dissolve.

  3. how many squirts for each weed?

  4. Please, add me to your email addresses. I’d like to get great ideas like this.

  5. Johana Mahamba says:

    thank you for the informative ideas

  6. Eve serexhe says:

    Of course this mixture kills the weeds…but do you know it also kills most of the useful animals working to keep the soil alive ?

    • great info – what do you recommend as an alternative? And what do you mean by “animals”? Earthworms?

  7. Love getting usual tips.

  8. How long does it take to completely kill them?

  9. Michele c. Morgan says:

    Can you plant flowers once you have the weeds are gone.

    • You probably can plant flowers once the weeds are gone, but I’d give the ground 2-3 weeks for the week killer solution to dissolve and go away before planting flowers.

  10. Thanks I tried this yesterday. Wont it kill the plants around.

  11. Hi, I have some hostess that I am planning on moving to the side of my house. I need to prep the space which is overrun by weeds. How soon after using this solution and laying down some fresh dirt can I replant the hostas?

  12. I have 2 questions. 1.How long does it take for the weeds to die? 2. How soon can I plant flowers?

  13. Melanie says:

    If it rains shortly after you spray, is it still effective?

  14. Good idea

  15. Does anybody know how many parts of this recipe it would take to make 2 gallons? I have a lot of landscape area and would like to fill my 2 gallon sprayer.

  16. I have heard Epsom salts not regular salt. Which is better?

  17. Callie Hernandez says:

    I have apple cider vinegar. Does it have to be white vinegar or can I use apple cider vinegar?

  18. Inez Buell says:

    Will this mixture also kill poison ivy??

  19. Advice to Jordan: if you are planting a hodtess, dig the hole six feet deep do that animals can’t get to the body. If yoy are planting Hostas you don’t have to have such deep hole

  20. Thanl you so much for the weed killer. It is cheap on my pickets.
    Please add me to your email list.
    Thank you

  21. If you want to replant the area you shouldn’t use salt. I have been doing some research on line and it might make you area that your spraying not plantable.

  22. Sheila Mason says:

    I put Preen down in the spring. Works great, but of course I missed a few places! Today I went out with this mixture, to hit the spots I missed. I will be back to let you know how it goes.

  23. Mark Hornsey says:

    I am from Australia so it could easily be different to USA – however if i by Zero Concentrate it costs me about $0.15 a litre once it is made up. Vinegar costs about $1.50.

    It sure isnt cheaper – what ever its other benfits are.


  1. […] first time we used the spray, we followed this recipe, via. She recommended using 1/4 cup salt, 1 tsp dishwashing liquid, and 3 cups of vinegar. We tried it, […]

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