How I Saved More Than 50% On Eyewear

How I Saved More Than 50 on Eyewear Final

This past week, I had my yearly eye appointment with my eye doctor. As I was checking out, the office staff mentioned that one box of contacts, which is a 3-month supply, would cost $55. If I purchased a year supply the cost would be $220! Eyewear can be so expensive! I politely said no thank you and headed out the door.

I’ve learned not to order my contacts directly through my doctor’s office. Instead, I order online from The exact same box of contacts costs only $34.99. Plus, since I ordered 4 boxes, which is a year supply, they gave me discount. And on top of that I was able to use a 20 % off coupon code that they e-mailed me, which brought my total down even more. And that coupon code came with free shipping. So instead of paying $220 for a year’s supply of contacts, my total came out to be just $101.16.

And to save me even a little more money, I went online Ebates, a cash back site, and clicked through to prior to ordering my contacts. Ebates gave me 8% cash back when ordering from So I will be receiving $8 from Ebates. Before I order online from any store, I always check Ebates to see if they give cash back for the specific store I am purchasing from online.

So in the end,  I really will end up paying only $93.16 for a year’s supply of contacts, which is $23.29 per box. I just saved more than $125 just by ordering online!

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