How to Make Sure Not to Miss Facebook Updates

Facebook has made so many changes that very few fans actually see the updated posts on a Facebook page. Here is something you can do so you don’t miss any Saving Cent by Cent updates. You can also do this so you get updates from friends you love.

Facebook recently rolled out a “Get Notifications” option. Go to Saving Cent by Cent’s Facebook page, then place your cursor over the “Liked” button. Click on “Get Notifications.” If you want to see your good friends’ notifications, then you will place your cursor over the “Friends” button and click on “Get Notifications.”

Each time a deal is posted on Saving Cent by Cent or from a good friend, you’ll be notified on the top left of your Facebook page.

I hope this helps some of you to see the deals regularly from Saving Cent by Cent.

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