Kleenex Hand Towels Review

I recently received a box of Kleenex Hand Towels to try out as part of the Kleenex Hand Towels Clean Hands Campaign. I placed the box in the main bathroom since we have friends regularly in and out of our house. I personally liked how strong and durable the hand towels are, and they are soft too. The Kleenex Hand Towels are absorbent enough to dry hands with their Dry-Touch fibers, yet they are strong enough to additionally do quick clean-ups around the bathroom sink. 

And the biggest reason I liked them is that they help cut down on the spread of germs in the home. I learned that in the U.S. people dry their hands on cloth bathroom towels approximately 200 billion times per year. Everyone wants his or her family to stay healthy and germ-free, but just because a towel looks clean, it doesn’t mean it is. Using the Kleenex Hand Towels cuts down on the spread of germs because the damp, overused cloth towel is used much less.

And, of course, I’ve included a photo of my 3-year-old having fun with the #1 Clean Hands. She’s been playing with it regularly since the package arrived.

I received a free box of Kleenex Hand Towels as a part of being a Brand Fan. In return, I was asked to share my opinion with others. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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