UPDATE!! – FREE Can Pringles Extreme

Ok. So now we just got a note from Pringles on Facebook that this was a legit offer. This is what they said:

To those of you who clicked on our app and got a screenful of nonsense when you were signing up for a coupon for a free Pringles Xtreme sample, our apologies: No nonsense now. It’s real and it’s going fast!

I would post the link, but they are already gone.

I’m so sorry for any of you who may have signed up for this. I received information from Hip2Save that this freebie was not legit. I myself had signed up for it because it was a great deal. I try to make sure to only post items that are legitimate.

Here’s what you need to do to protect yourself specifically from this Pringles Extreme Application…

* Log into your Facebook Account
* Click on Account (top right corner)
* Click on Application Settings
* Scroll down the list and find “Pringles Extreme”; click on the “x” to permanently remove it from the application page; be sure to hit the “remove” button and the “okay” button. Pringles Extreme will no longer have access to your data and will be removed from your profile and bookmarks.

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