Meal Planning & Grocery Lists

Every so often I will be posting money saving tips that I think are useful and that have made a difference for my family. Here is my experience on meal planning and grocery lists.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been planning my family meals each week before I go grocery shopping. One tip is to plan meals around sale items. For instance, if broccoli is on sale, I’ll pick up a bunch and make chicken broccoli casserole.

Planning meals before shopping has made a huge difference in the amount of money I spend on groceries each week because I have my list that I stick to and the meals are planned around sale items. It also adds to the ease of knowing “What’s For Dinner?” each night.

It took about four months to stock up on the basic food items that I use day-to-day. I would spend between $80-$100 on groceries and household items each week. But now that my pantry and shelves are stocked, I can focus on sales and replenishing the items I’ve used. I have been able to cut my grocery and household spending by almost half and now only spend $40 – $60 a week.

Some of you may say that it’s time consuming to plan the meals, but actually, it will save you time. I spend about 15-20 minutes a week deciding on recipes and writing down what I need to buy. That little bit of time has actually given me more time because I’m not standing in my kitchen for 10-15 minutes each day wondering what I should cook my family for dinner.

Give it a try and see if it works for you.

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